Review Policy

Review Policy

last updated July 30th, 2016


I am currently accepting teen & YA books for review.  Please send all inquiries for a review to:

I currently accept print ARCs, e-ARCs and finished copies.  I am also accepting self published/indie books.  I will accept select books from series.

I will not currently accept  audiobooks, however you may check back at a later time.


I currently accept teen & YA books in the following genres/types:

  • contemporary fiction
  • fantasy
  • historical fiction
  • mystery
  • short story collections

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres/types

  • non fiction
  • biographies or memoirs
  • poetry
  • paranormal
  • adult
  • picture books


Even if your book fits these policies, it does not mean automatic acceptance.

If your book is accepted, I will try my hardest to read and review it within a good amount of time.  I cannot guarantee you a review in time for a release date, however, I will try my hardest.  I ask that I receive the book 2-3 months before you would like the review published, as I would like to be sure I have time to read and review the book at an appropriate time within my busy schedule.  You may still inquire regarding a review if you would like your book reviewed sooner, however, there is a slimmer chance it will be accepted.


If I accept and read your book, there is a very good chance I will post a review on it.  If for one reason or another I cannot finish reading or write a review on your book, I will explain why and if I plan to continue reading your book at a later date.

Please remember that my reviews are not always positive.  I give honest feedback to my readers and honest criticism to publishers and authors.  I ask that you understand if my review of your book is not a positive one.  Please understand that my reviews are my personal opinion.

Format of reviews

A standard review on my blog includes the following:

  • standard book information (title, author, publisher, age group, and where I received the book, all if applicable)
  • overall rating (1-5 stars)
  • synopsis/summary
  • review

My review consists of the following categories:

  • first impressions
  • characters
  • writing
  • setting
  • overall review

I then go on to include:

  • author picture and link to author website
  • link to publisher website


I will not currently host giveaways for other individuals.

Guest Posts and Interviews

I am open to guest posts from both authors and other YA & teen bloggers.

Authors/bloggers doing guest posts on my blog must be teen & YA authors/bloggers!

If you would like to be a featured author or blogger, please provide me with the following information:


  • Your name
  • The name of your book
  • A summary of your book or a link to a summary of your book
  • Would you like to have a guest post or interview?
  • Will you provide a topic for a guest post or questions for an interview?
  • When you would like to be featured on my blog (be specific, i.e. month, date)


  • Your name
  • The name of your blog
  • Link to your blog
  • Pageviews per month
  • Subscribers (per method)
  • A picture of yourself
  • Your blog’s logo/header
  • Desired type of guest post

If you are an author and I haven’t read your book, you will be required to provide me with a copy of your book.  I prefer hard copies and will provide a mailing address through email.  If I haven’t read your book, it also means I need extra time to do so before the guest post, preferably a month.

Guest posts on other blogs

I am open to doing guest posts/interviews on other blogs!  Please supply me with the following information:

  • Blog name and web address
  • Your name
  • If you would like me to do an interview or guest post
  • If interview, would you like me to supply questions or will you?
  • When you would like to feature me on your blog

I will not always accept guest post/interview requests.

For inquiries relating to anything mentioned in this post, please contact me by email: